Between the Water Castle and the marshlands
where the witches of Laarne used to live and where the noondevil had his territory
... at the hottest moment of the day ....

The Water Castle of Laarne (Belgium)

The Water Castle of Laarne, dating back to the 13 th century, is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Belgium. One wing is still inhabited. Entering the Castle, you will be confronted with an interesting collection of historical art: magnificent furniture, exquisite tapestry, paintings.
The Water Castle

The main attraction is without any doubt the "D'Allemange Silver Collection", famous throughout Europe.

The ponds and the surrounding woods.

Vanhercke B&B also means a paradise for fishers and nature lovers. You'll find a large pond (part of an old arm of the river "The Schelde") with wood surroundings at the end of the gardens, which gives our guests the opportunity to rest, picnic or fish.

A late evening walk or an early walk by sun rise, barefoot in the wet grass....you'll keep profound memories of it.

Fien Van Rentergem, an old farmer who lived here, swore to everybody that he has seen the noondevil in the summer of 1732. The dry grass was collected in heaps and the wet ground was making fog in the heat, when he came out of his farm after the noon. Suddenly he saw 3 huge black dogs with flaming eyes and burning mouths at the edge of his drying grass.

He closed the door, washed his eyes and looked very carefully outside; The heaps and the dogs came slowly to the farm. Pale from fright, he made 3 times his cross and cried:"Jesus, Mary, Joseph". The black dogs disappeared and the next moment everything was normal again ..... (*)

(*) Dirk Van Damme, Christine Lostrie: Het Kasteel en de Meersen. 1987.
(Dirk Van Damme, Christine Lostrie: The Castle and the Wetlands. 1987.)
ISBN 90-71868-03-6


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30th May till end of September.:
Sunday 15.00 PM guided tour.
July & August:
Sunday and Thursday at 15.00 PM guided tour.
The Water Castle

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